Have you ever noticed that every great story, designed to teach us a lesson, involves getting lost and delving deeper into self. Why, because, in reality most journeys are not without drama and not without getting lost and losing sight of your goals. We are all familiar with getting lost in a storm like Dorothy in The Wiz or feeling hopeless like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. How many times have you gotten off track in your life attempting to accomplish your life’s work? How many times has your path seemed hopeless, like you would never accomplish your goals?

Well that’s how I felt most of my adult life. It was as if I was stumbling, in a cloud, unsure of where to go and why. Don’t misunderstand me, I accomplished some things and I’m sure you have too. But I always had the eerie feeling, like you, that I was put here to do more. I just wasn’t sure of what that was and I wasn’t sure of why.

Now, I’ve always been attracted to and encouraged by the story and lessons of The Wiz and Charlotte’s Web. I love The Wiz because it teaches the very important lesson-you already have everything you need to complete this journey called life, mainly Strength, Courage, Wisdom and Love. I love Charlotte’s Web, for obvious reasons, but also because it magnified what a person, or pig, with Hope can do.

I began to draw upon those stories I remembered as a kid. I went deeper into myself to discover what was preventing me from living my full potential. I realized what was preventing me from reaching my fullest potential-FEAR. Well it wasn’t until last year that I awakened out of my fog, my storm and removed that fear and started moving purposefully through life and through that became more hopeful. Last year, I began to put it all together. I started researching and imitating what the most successful did to win. As a result I became more successful at setting and achieving my goals. I became more hopeful. I ventured out into new arenas, exploring, experiencing new things.

Now I won’t tell you I have mastered this feat or that I have achieved perfection. But I do continue revising, integrating, and refining this goal-setting process, this life planning method, this fear eradicating technique to create a reliable yellow brick road to get to my destination.

I rely on this process every year to get me laser-focused on the kind of life I want to experience in the next twelve months, five years, ten years. This plan enables me—to achieve consistent, significant progress toward the things that matter most, to become more hopeful, to understand my purpose in life and work towards achieving it.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well because that’s my purpose in life-to serve God daily and by serving you I am serving God. I am here to Elevate the lives of Women through Beauty-whatever your unique beauty may be.

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