Charlotte Jackson is an Independent Beauty Consultant that radiates beauty, charm and grace.  Like Me.Lion.City Parkmost women she got an unknowing glance into her future as a small girl.  She was intrigued by her mother’s femininity and ability to transform the mundane to sensational.  The simple act of watching her mother complete her nightly beauty ritual was awe inspiring.  She did not know it then but eventually she would embrace her own femininity and seek to encourage other women to do the same.

After experiencing the transformative power of taking care of oneself and the resulting effect on others she had to spread the news.  She decided to venture into the business of beauty selling the very lotions, creams, and fragrances that changed and empowered her.  She experienced dynamic success.

Strengthening, evoking Courage in, imparting Wisdom to and Loving all those that enter her WEB, Charlotte seeks to help women become Women Elevated by Beauty.

She is the proud mother of one beautiful, amazing daughter Kai who is just beginning to embrace the power of her own femininity.