About Charlotte

Charlotte is the debt free side of the equation she radiates beauty, charm and grace.  She started on her debt free journey after separating from her husband and becoming painfully aware that the success/failure of her household was totally dependent on her.  Being the constant learner and consistent reader she began her search for answers on the web in the self-improvement section.  There she stumbled on the life altering website for Dave Ramsey.  She fell down the rabbit hole and began her quest for living debt free.

Now Charlotte is a women that radiates femininity, beauty, charm and grace.  She has the unique ability to transform the mundane to sensational.  Therefore, this new lifestyle she adopted was not going to be what people would generally expect from a person trying to live debt free.

After experiencing the transformative power of taking care of oneself and the resulting effect on others she had to spread the news.  She decided to venture into blogging about her journey.

Strengthening, evoking Courage in, imparting Wisdom to and Loving all those that are WEBbed, Charlotte seeks to help others become WEB FREE.  Free from the Weight of the Entanglements of that that Binds us.

She is the proud mother of one beautiful, amazing daughter Kai who is just beginning to embrace her own power.