It was a love affair destined to be.  Their souls met across the internet waves sparks flew and bam it happened.  Debt free met expense free and the two became sustainable living.  What a love story.

Intrigued?  I know I am too.  Does it last?  What happens along the way?  Well we will find out together through this blog.

It is a story of the journey Dennis and I are taking to creating a sustainably, happy life.  We want you to be a part of it.  I intend to chronicle our journey here through bi-weekly installments of our mishaps, our achievements, our happiness, our bliss.

So join us, encourage us, and maybe learn something from us.  I think at the very least you will find it very entertaining.  We will cover topics such as:

Free from Stuff – Minimalism     Free from the Grid – Sustainability   Debt Free   Diet Free – Ketogenic Lifestyle

On our journey to Living Happy, Peacefully …. Taking a Chance on Ourselves and Living Our Best Life